These are the people that have control of the wiki.

Conditions of becoming an Admin or a Bureaucrat

  • Rollback = 250 Edits
  • Moderator = 500 Edits
  • Chat Moderator = 1,000 Edits
  • Admin = 2,000 Edits
  • Bureaucrat = 4,000 Edits


Reinstated Active Revoked Hiatus
Retired Timeout Revoked/Timeout Blocked

What does each key mean?

Key Meaning
Reinstated This user has recently earned back their Adminship either as a reward, or as an apology, and are currently Active on this wiki. This goes back to Active once two months have passed.
Active This Admin/Bureaucrat is currently Active on this Wiki
Revoked This user has lost their Adminship for 3 months for being bad.
Hiatus This user is currently taking a well-earned break from this wiki
Retired This user is no longer an Admin as a direct result of stepping down
Timeout This user has been banned for their unruly behaviour, but still have Admin Status
Revoked/Timeout This user has lost their Admin status as punishment for getting banned
Blocked This user is globally blocked from Wikia and will never edit the Wikia network again.

Current Bureaucrats/Admins

This is our current tram of Admins. Those in Bold are also Bureaucrats.

Username Current Status Admin Since User Since
Kwitbeck #1 Admin on the Supernanny Wiki Active to be described never edited this wiki

Former Admins

These users are no longer on our Admin Team

Username Current Status Reason
none none none

Admin Requests

If you'd like to be admin, input your name in the table below.

June 6, 2015
Username Current Status User Since
Oeboinez (Founder of this Wiki) Active April 24, 2016